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Hope House Community

December 18, 2023

Our mission is quite simple. 

It is to spread the love of Christ by living it. 

We greet any student who walks through our doors with open arms. 

We feed the hungry and offer a couch to the weary. 

We play puzzles and plant gardens. 

We hammock and ping pong. 

We hike and dance. 

We offer places to study, launder, chill, eat, caffeine, and play. 

Oh and we do dessert. 

Lots and lots of dessert. 

We have parties and retreats. 

We laugh a lot and sometimes we cry. 

We worship and dialogue and pray. 

But there is space for those who don’t. 

We recognize the beauty in uniqueness, and we celebrate it as God’s gift. 

We are from different countries and different races. 

We are conservative and liberal. 

We are gay and straight. 

We are gender conforming and non binary. 

We are diverse. 

We acknowledge the ways we contribute to the brokenness of the world 

and we seek reconciliation. 

We stand with the brokenhearted and offer hope to the hopeless. 

But mostly we love. 

That’s it really. 

We try really hard to love. 

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