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Most people are shocked to learn that nearly half of college students are food insecure. This means that they don't know where their next meal is coming from. Hope House provides free meals to students five days a week but it's more than a feeding program. It's an open door and a home away from home. It's acceptance without asking anything in return. It is a model of Christ's radical hospitality in action. Please consider giving today to help us keep nourishing stomachs and souls.


It is a place where students from all walks of life ​gather to eat, study, worship, pray and fellowship.

We strive to provide a place everyday where students feel safe and loved.

What we do here is simple.

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check out our faqs for answers to some practical questions. We are a campus ministry that is sponsored by UKirk (PCUSA and Cumberland Presbyterian churches) and who believes her mission is to offer the radical hospitality of Jesus Christ. But that is who we are. It's not who we expect you to be.

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Terry is the epitome of a Renaissance Woman-if you look around the house, every room, from the furniture to the walls, have her touch- decoupaged cabinets, the addition of lights, and even refurbished furniture found on the side of the road. ​One of the ways Terry shares her love is through her cooking, and she feels like she is making a difference when she knows students are fed and know they can count on Hope for their next meal. Some of Terry’s best Hope recipes can be found on her ​Pinterest board. In her free time Terry enjoys working in her garden, taking on home­ improvement tasks, or finding her next project on Pinterest. But most of all, Terry enjoys being a grandmother.

Since joining the ministry full-time in 2013, Hope has experienced exponential growth in a big part to Terry’s warm heart, contagious laugh, and good home cooking.

Director of Hospitality: Terry Paris

She is dedicated to fostering spiritual growth and community engagement among the student body. Her approach to spiritual formation is characterized by a profound respect for diversity, recognizing that each student's spiritual path is uniquely their own. Tiffanie lives in Chattanooga with her husband and their three children. Her academic background encompasses Biblical studies, Theology, Leadership and Spiritual Formation. She loves people, enjoys being near the water, and is always up for an adventure! 

Tiffanie joined Hope House in September of 2023 and was immediately drawn in by the welcoming culture at HH.

Executive Director / Campus Minister:
Dr. Tiffanie Wilson

our staff

Denise Schenk 

Janice Gooden

Mike Morrison

Jay Wilkinson

Treasurer - Kayla Fortanel

Secretary - to be announced

Vice Moderator - Becky Geren


our amazing board of directors:

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We have student interns that can help you feel right at home at Hope House.

more info on ukirk

The PCUSA's young adult office thought it might be helpful if all campus ministries were known by a similar name. UKirk stands for University Church, and is the name given (or in our case added on to our name) to let PCUSA and Cumberland Presbyterian students know who we are. UKirk is staffed by the PCUSA denomination and has a board made up of campus ministers and chaplains across the country. 

PCUSA collegiate ministries are known by a variety of names across the country which can be confusing to newly graduated high school students trying to navigate where they fit in on a college campus.

what is ukirk?

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Good question. We are a campus ministry that is sponsored by UKirk (PCUSA and Cumberland Presbyterian churches) and who believes her mission is to offer the radical hospitality of Jesus Christ. But that is who we are. It's not who we expect you to be. We expect you to bring your real and authentic self into this space. Our primary ministry is often around supporting/advocating/journeying alongside our more marginalized communities. Did you know that almost 50% of college students across the country identify as food insecure? We try to provide resources, in the form of food (we always have an open fridge), space, and technology.

So what is Hope?

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We do offer those things, but it's not expected that you have to come to them. Some students are seeking a progressive campus ministry to share about the Bible and God and how those things inform the way we are to live in the world. But it's not necessary to participate in any programs in order to make our space your space. In fact, most don't.

So wait. Do you have like worship or bible study?

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Not only are we welcoming, we are affirming of the Queer community, and we hope to be a space that allows every one to feel joy in their authentic self.

Are you LGBTQIA+ welcoming?

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Then Hope is still a home for you. Our identity is about who we are. We have students here who identify as christian (conservative, evangelical, progressive, unsure), we have Muslim, Jewish, and Hindu students; there are those who identify as Wiccan or Pagan; we have students of multi-faiths; and some who are agnostic or atheist. Many are on the path of exploration. Honestly, sometimes we look around our space at the diversity of culture, religion, languages, ethnicities and think, "This is what the kingdom of heaven looks like."

So you're a christian campus ministry, right? What if I don't believe in God?

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To me, Hope House has been a sanctuary where I can come and be myself unapologetically and without hesitation. It gives me a place to come when I want a quiet space, genuine advice, a comfy seat or a bite to fill my stomach. Starting from the lovely smiles that greet me to the soft felt “have a good day” when I leave, the Hope House is a gem, and I will always treasure it.

"to me, Hope House has been a sanctuary where I can come and be myself"

There is a wonderful community of kind people; always loads of laughs and smiles; and an aura of peace that pervades into every interaction. It's my home away from home, and it's the community that helps me positively take on my studies and endeavors.

"Hope House is amazing!"

The Hope House gives me the opportunity to express myself and be around people who I know care for others. From fun activities to more spiritual activities, I can tell you that the Hope House is the place to be. Warm and Welcoming atmosphere. Please come in.

"The Hope House gives me the opportunity to express myself"

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