For more than half a century, Hope House has provided a home away from home for our students. We're incredibly proud to welcome them into a beautiful Victorian home just steps away from campus, where they can enjoy a warm meal, study, or simply hang out. We also offer spiritual care and programming for interested students. We are lovingly supported by the Presbyterian Church U.S.A. as well as other donors. We look forward to welcoming you to Hope House.

who we are and what we do.

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We are inclusive and affirming of all. 

our weekly events

• Worship
• Bible Study
• Interfaith Dialogue
• Mission and Retreat Opportunities
• Small Group Experiences
• Various Short Term Interest Groups

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There are a variety of ways to be involved at the house:

Hope House UTC's mission statement is "Making God known through the radical hospitality of Jesus Christ." 

For more than 50 years, we at Hope House have been serving our community.

The atmosphere at the house is one of grace and love.

Everyone is welcome to come and make Hope House their home.

The house itself is three floors and boasts a coffee shop, study rooms, free wifi, free washer/dryer, big screen TVs, a ping pong table, printers and computers, as well as a huge backyard with picnic tables, amazing porches, and a spot to hang your hammocks.

Hope is a judgment free zone .

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We try really hard to love.

It is to spread the love of Christ by living it. We greet any student who walks through our doors with open arms. We feed the hungry and offer a couch to the weary. We play puzzles and plant gardens. We hammock and ping pong. We hike and dance. We offer places to study, launder, chill, eat, caffienate, and play. Oh and we do dessert. Lots and lots of dessert. We have parties and retreats. We laugh a lot and sometimes we cry. We worship and dialogue and pray. But there is space for those who don't. We recognize the beauty in uniqueness, and we celebrate it as God's gift. We are from different countries and different races. We are conservative and liberal. We are gay and straight. We are gender conforming and non binary. We are diverse. We acknowledge the ways we contribute to the brokenness of the world and we seek reconciliation. We stand with the brokenhearted and offer hope to the hopeless. But mostly we love. That's it really. 

Our mission is quite simple.

if you are a college student, please join us anytime! We look forward to meeting you!

This is sponsored by local churches and we always have leftovers and/or sandwiches available throughout the week. We also have free desserts on Thursdays, and free DAILY coffee in the coffee shop on the lower level.

We offer a free Tuesday lunch!

To me, Hope House has been a sanctuary where I can come and be myself unapologetically and without hesitation. It gives me a place to come when I want a quiet space, genuine advice, a comfy seat or a bite to fill my stomach. Starting from the lovely smiles that greet me to the soft felt “have a good day” when I leave, the Hope House is a gem, and I will always treasure it.

"to me, Hope House has been a sanctuary where I can come and be myself"

There is a wonderful community of kind people; always loads of laughs and smiles; and an aura of peace that pervades into every interaction. It's my home away from home, and it's the community that helps me positively take on my studies and endeavors.

"Hope House is amazing!"

The Hope House gives me the opportunity to express myself and be around people who I know care for others. From fun activities to more spiritual activities, I can tell you that the Hope House is the place to be. Warm and Welcoming atmosphere. Please come in.

"The Hope House gives me the opportunity to express myself"

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