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What is Hope House UTC?

December 18, 2023

Welcome to the heart of Hope House at UTC! As we launch our new website, we are thrilled to share the essence of what we do – nourishing both bodies and spirits through the gift of hospitality. At Hope House, we believe in the transformative nature of breaking bread together and creating a space that transcends the ordinary. Our doors are open to all, fostering a haven where people from various backgrounds come together to celebrate the beauty of unity in diversity. As you navigate through our new website, I hope you know this is all for you, students. I hope you can envision the warmth of our community and I hope you can picture yourself here too.

Making God known through the radical hospitality of Jesus Christ

What can you expect at Hope House?

We are located at 808 Vine St, just a block from University of Tennessee Chattanooga’s campus, in the beautiful Fort Wood neighborhood. We are open Monday – Thursday from 10:00 – 5:00 while school is in session. Any time we are open, we offer free food, coffee, wifi, study and play spaces, and of course friendly faces. All are welcome at Hope House. 

Free Meals for Students

Terry, our beloved Director of Hospitality, makes a home cooked meal every Tuesday for lunch. Everyone loves Terry’s food, and every meal is made with a lot of love. Lunch typically starts around 11 or 11:30 and is served until gone. You’re in luck though because she loves to cook for a crowd and there are usually leftovers that can be reheated the next day. Meals are usually customizable for vegetarians, too. On Thursdays, it’s dessert day! Whether the theme is cheesecakes or cookies or scones, Terry is sure to provide variety. Anytime we are open, students are always welcome to make a sandwich or panini with chips, granola bar, and of course sweet tea or lemonade. Again, our food is free for students. And hey – faculty and staff, you are welcome too and we would love to see you! Our kitchen is located on the main floor.

More Than a Coffee Shop

On the lower level, you’ll find our free coffee shop. We have coffee, tea, and cocoa with unlimited refills. You’ll also be able to relax in this space, whether it’s playing piano or guitar, playing ping pong, watching a movie on the large screen projector or playing Nintendo Switch with friends. Of course, there is free wi-fi throughout the house as well. 

Study Spaces

On the third floor, you’ll find several rooms that are perfect for quiet studying. Students often will use these rooms for study groups of for taking tests. There is also a printer and several desks if you need space to spread out. 

A Welcoming Sanctuary

One of the most beautiful characteristics about Hope House is our welcoming culture. Hope House is an inclusive college campus ministry and we truly mean it when we say all are welcome here. We love being able to provide a safe space. You’ll often hear a variety of languages spoken here, and all manner of conversations! 

Spiritual Care for All

We aren’t going to be pushy about spiritual life, but we will extend an invitation for those who are curious. Our Executive Director, Dr. Tiffanie Wilson, loves to have conversations with students about whatever is stirring up in them – day to day life, struggles, spiritual life – any and all of it is welcome. If you need someone to listen to you, she would be honored to do so. 

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  1. Kayla says:

    Amazing! So thankful for Hope and it’s work.

  2. stephanie loa says:

    I love Hope House because it has given me a place to turn to when I need a safe space, a study space, or if I need some delicious food! Such a blessing to have this so close to campus!

  3. Denise says:

    I love volunteering at the Hope House and seeing the students relax and enjoy themselves is so rewarding.

  4. MK says:

    LOVE THE HH!!!

  5. Abbey says:

    Without the hope house my college experience would not be the same. It is such a joy to come in every week to people who care for you and provide a new for you without questions or requiring something in return. They truly show the heart of Jesus and impact college students lives in big ways. Thank you for making dark days brighter and for everything you do for college students!

  6. Adrienne Meadows says:

    Hope House is an absolute life saver. Love them dearly!

  7. Aasta Thurman says:

    I love hope house ❤️

  8. Mercedes says:

    When I was a student at UTC, the Hope House was by far my favorite place on campus! Everyone there was always so welcoming and you could just feel the love the second you walked thru the door. They helped me in ways I never could have expected. I am glad the Non-Profit I work for is now able to give back and help volunteer… and spend extra time with the extraordinarily kind Ms. Terry!

    • Tiffanie Wilson says:

      Mercedes!! Your story is one of my favorites! Love that we can continue to partner together with our organizations.

  9. David Harwood says:

    Hope house is a place that turns strangers to friends and friends into family. The hospitality and care that hope house provides has helped me through my college journey more than I can realize. Thank you hope house! ❤️