Administrator of Marketing and Development

Kayla Massey

Kayla is the Hope House’s Administrator of Marketing and Development. Kayla is a UTC student majoring in Business Management and minoring in Spanish. She has a passion for business and ministry. The Hope House is a perfect because she can use her skills to meet the needs of students in the community. She loves to participate in all the Hope House has to offer. Kayla is involved with the Hope House’s Sunday night “The Table”, mission trips, retreats, fundraising events, and more! When Kayla is not at the Hope House you can find her studying, spending time with friends, or being outside.



Communications Intern

Spencer Lim

Spencer Lim is the Marketing and Communications intern at Hope House. He is a senior at UTC and is a Communications major with a Speech Minor. He is from Jackson, TN and wants to travel the coutnry. 

"I enjoy the Hope House because it welcomes all walks of live regarless of background with open arms. I also love the Fairly Decent Coffee Shop." 

Spencer has aspirations of producing and editing audio and video, writing scripts and jingles, and being an on-screen perosnality. 

Spirituality Intern

Samaa Davies

Saama Davies is the spirituality intern at Hope House. He's been involved with Hope for 3 years and leads Words Work on Mondays at 8 p.m. His hobbies are eating, watching tv, reading, playing video games and listening to music. Saama was born and raised in Chattanooga. He's a grad student who is majoring in electrical engineering. 


Carl Steele

Carl Steele is a first generation senior at UTC. Carl's hobbies consist of reading and talking about life. 

"What I love about the Hope House is the hospitality and fellowship that takes place there. Tricia and Terry are warm and welcoming, making this place an easy second home." 

Favorite Quote: "The bigger the dream the harder the grind" - Starlito

Rev. Tricia Dillon Thomas

         Tricia is the Hope House’s AWESOME Director of Spirituality. Tricia graduated from Columbia Theological Seminary in 2006 and before moving to Chattanooga was a pastor at a new church development in Florida where she worked with youth, young adults, and their families. Tricia was called as the Interim Director of Spirituality to Hope in November of 2014. She loves to participate in the reconciling work of Jesus Christ and for her that begins with building relationships. Tricia loves Hope's intention of sharing God's love and hospitality to all God's children. She began a worship service at Hope called “The Table” where students are invited to read the Bible, interpret meaning, and ask questions. While Tricia wholeheartedly

admits she does not have all the answers, she loves to dive into the biblical text and encourages students to ask questions and listen to how the Holy Spirit is speaking through them and each other. 


In her free time Tricia enjoys spending time picking berries, hiking, reading, running, swimming, laughing, and playing with her husband and four children. You'll also find her standing around eating Terry's tasty meals and declaring each one her favorite.



Terry Parris

         Terry is the Hope House’s Director of Hospitality. Since joining the ministry full­time in 2013, Terry has always exceeded the expectations of the students and the ministry with her resourcefulness and go­getter attitude. Some say that her Sunday Suppers surpass that of their mother’s. Terry’s incredible disposition has earned her the nickname, “Momma Terry” that many of the students refer to her as.

          In her free time, Terry enjoys working with her hands in her garden, taking on home­improvement tasks, or finding her next project on Pinterest. But most of all, she enjoys being a grandmother.

To see some of the delicious meals Terry has made for the Hope House, Click Here