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What is Hope House? What we do here is simple. Our mission is to provide radical hospitality for all God's children, where they feel safe and loved. It is a place where students from all walks of life gather to eat, study, worship, pray and experience fellowship.


Home to over 250 students, the Hope House, through donations and denominational support, provides respite for the weary, food for the hungry, and partners for the journey. Hope serves over 350 meals a week and, through its Ukirk ministry, offers worship and communion, interfaith dialogue, theological reflection, as well as opportunities for growth and reflection through retreats and mission trips.


Your support through Friends of Hope makes this all possible. For a minimum donation of $25, you can support the Hope House by becoming a Friend of Hope. Donations can be made, in person at the House, send a check by mail, or click on the donation button at the left, choose Friends of Hope, and contribute through PayPal.


These students are counting on Hope House and Hope House is counting on you for support. Please sign up.


Vist the Friends of Hope Facebook page by clicking the Friends of Hope logo above...


                                                                                                                                                                        Thank You


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